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Three recipes for a quick and easy breakfast

In the morning, unless I have some quick and easy options, I'm liable to delay breakfast or eat something that isn't balanced and will leave me starving not soon after. I have learned to make some items ahead that can be kept in the freezer and taken out as needed, and maybe rounded out with a boiled egg or a piece of cheese for a balanced breakfast.

Sometimes clients express overwhelm at having one more thing on their to do list or not having a "meal prep Sunday" to make these items. I tend to assemble ingredients when I am in the kitchen already- often making supper. Sometimes I will bake alongside supper but if not, I can still assemble wet or dry ingredients to have them ready for when I have free time to bake.

Brainstorming nutrition solutions with clients to fit their needs is a huge part of sessions. If you need help thinking of what meal ideas or prep strategies could be a good fit, get in touch!

Spinach cheese savoury muffins

These are a cheesy, savoury delight for a quick breakfast. I love how this recipe is versatile so you can use whatever vegetables you have on hand (as in, whatever happens to be going almost moldy in the crisper). I have made these with whole wheat flour with great results, which gives an extra dose of filling fibre. The cheese in them provides fat to make them satisfying too.

Gluten free vegan breakfast cookies

Hear me out- sometimes hearing that something is gluten free and vegan is not a draw, especially if you don't need those diet restrictions. These breakfast cookies are delicious in addition to being packed with nutritious ingredients like almonds, oats and flax which means they pack a protein punch. This helps regulate blood sugar so you don't "crash" a couple hours after eating like might happen with another kind of cookie or muffin.

Rhubarb oatmeal muffins

This is a more traditional muffin recipe which was handy to use up some rhubarb this summer and fall. The recipe uses sour cream which makes a very moist muffin, though I have subbed this with plain yogurt with great results as well. The flour can be subbed for oat flour (gluten free if you require), or for whole wheat flour as well to make a 100% whole grain option too.

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