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I completed my nutrition degree and internship in 2010 and worked in a hospital setting for 12 years where, among my clinical work, I taught patients about nutrition for chronic conditions.

I saw firsthand how changes in lifestyle and diet could directly impact the quality of a person's life. I am passionate about applying nutrition changes to help people lead healthier, less stressed and more fulfilled lives.

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My Story

I have a Ukrainian heritage and grew up in a family where cooking, hosting and showing appreciation for others through food was a daily practice. I learned how to scramble eggs and make a great PB&J at age five. My grandparents were always feeding me (even if I said, "No, Baba, I'm not hungry right now.") and lucky for me, they still do. I started my University career studying general science but when I took a health course that had one single chapter on nutrition, I was hooked!

I graduated in 2010 with a BSc Nutrition and Food Science, having completed the internship required to become a dietitian as well. I then had the opportunity to work in the clinical nutrition field and teach patients about nutrition for their chronic conditions. My time working in the hospital served to give me a solid knowledge base on nutrition for crohn's and colitis, diabetes, dysphagia, renal disease and more. In my everyday life, my busy family has given me a perspective on how to meal plan and prep in a way that ensures everyone is well fed and has energy for the week while at the same time not burning out on cooking and planning all the time. I'm passionate about meal planning as one tool to help individuals and families achieve their nutrition goals. 

When I am not dietitian-ing, I love trying new recipes (especially when they are not a flop), staying active in a myriad of ways, scoring deals at thrift stores, cycling with my family and checking out farmer's markets. 



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