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How to find a nutritionist (dietitian) in Edmonton

You have decided you need to see a nutritionist. Maybe you need help with nutrition for a new diagnosis or perhaps you would like to go from surviving the week and feeding the family to thriving on nutritious meals. The question is- how do you choose a nutritionist in Edmonton? Some of these tips may help you narrow down your choices.

Area of expertise

Maybe you want nutrition advice for a chronic condition you live with. Perhaps you need a nutritionist who specializes in selective eaters or one who has a vast knowledge base about meal planning for busy families (hello, it’s me!). Narrowing down a nutritionist that specializes in a certain field can help you focus your search.

RD approach

Take some time to peruse the potential dietitian’s website and social media. Does the approach they are conveying resonate with you? In their content, are your values being reflected? You might be a person who thrives on feedback and accountability. In this case, a dietitian who offers packages with scheduled and ongoing follow-up might be a good fit. Some clients are undergoing big life changes and want nutrition help that is rooted in empathy. A compassionate nutritionist whose values include meeting clients where they are at may be just the ticket.

Logistics of the nutrition practice

Perhaps you have coverage for nutrition services through your benefits plan. If direct billing is a concern of yours, try to filter out those nutritionists who offer direct billing for convenience. Similarly, some RDs only see clients through virtual platforms and others work in person. You can decide which is more beneficial for you and choose an RD accordingly.


Though sometimes difficult to convey, it is important that your health professional be a good fit for you. In order to assess this before committing to their services, many dietitians offer a free introductory phone call. It’s a good way to tell if you “click” with a nutritionist and can help you decide whether you pursue their services.

Using directories

Websites where you can browse dietitian listings may be helpful. If you’re like me, you might even build a spreadsheet based on your findings. Dietitian directory, Dietitians of Canada find a dietitian and benefit provider companies all have listings. Asking friends or family who have seen a dietitian for a recommendation can also be helpful.

Seeking out a nutritionist may feel vulnerable. Trying to get the best fit possible can help alleviate some of the stress around the process. Keeping these tips in mind can help you on your dietitian selection journey.

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